Despite multiple criminal referrals from Congress and the NIH, Inspector General will only audit grants to improve performance.
As scrutiny increases on the NIH spending millions of dollars for dangerous virus research, Buzzfeed’s Peter Aldhous shifts attention and spotlights a…
While most ghostwriting scandals in science involve physicians, the agrichemical company ran a unique and sophisticated campaign to promote GMO…
At this week's conference, AHCJ reporters might be the only group walking around Austin wearing N95 respirators. "They're gonna look like Martians."
Scott Gottlieb denies pharma manipulation, but ties to opioid industry have dogged him for years.
Touting themselves as the solution to disinformation, OpenMind platforms climate denial and Big Tobacco disinfo peddler
Handicapped by advocacy and meager reporting skills, science writers settle for constructing and defending "decoy" narratives.
Duke’s Press Office: “I can’t comment on Ralph Snyderman.”
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