Monsanto’s use of corporate advisory firm FTI Consulting to target journalists and activists was one of the most neglected stories of 2020. But it’s part of a bigger pattern of misinformation.
To improve reporting, MIT’s Knight Science Journalism Program should first improve themselves, then lead by example.
Does Nature Magazine’s financial ties to the Chinese government explain their tendentious approach to news?
Has Chinese financing influenced publishing by prominent medical and scientific journals? And why are science writers disinterested in following the mo…
Will the science media's favorite COVID disinformation pundits label Derrick Rossi as “anti-vax”?
Colin Butler picks apart contradictory statements in the science media, and asks why science writers ignore China's disinformation on virus research.
Quacking that everyone is a medical quack, David Gorski is America’s most famed debunker of pseudoscience and a clinical case study in 'argumentum ad a…
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