A riveting thriller reminiscent of "The Hot Zone," this book dives into the mystery of Lyme disease—raising terrifying questions about government…
Filmmaker and book author Kris Newby dives into the secretive federal research that may have made Lyme disease such a problem in the United States.
Obesity made COVID outcomes worse, so governments partnered on jabs with the junk food chain, because of course.
Cochrane Review author says governments "don’t have the science to back up what they claim."
Big Brother Watch releases the Ministry of Truth report, exposing the inner workings of Orwellian government units spying on journalists, politicians…
Guest essayist Vixen Valentino delves into corporate PR agents who use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to hide their trail of industry deceit.
Months before The BMJ released investigation, Facebook emailed the White House they would take action against “true content” on vaccines.
Dashing to defend the American Chemical Society’s newsletter, science writers expose their alliance with corporate science and lack of journalistic…
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