This is a great article as usual. What these criminals did to force a vaccine that makes people MORE susceptible to Covid, on people, will cause untold deaths.

And here's the tragic thing: the vaccinated people will never acquire natural immunity, period.

Some unvaccinated people also get reinfected, but much less often. I know one. (not myself so far)

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The very notion that this rushed experimental vaccine...or any vax really...was going to provide better protection than the human immune system post-infection always seemed ridiculously optimistic to me.

I can understand people wanted to avoid the risk of infection in the first place. But once an individual had been infected, natural immunity seemed a no brainer relative to something pharma duct taped together in 12 months and manufactured at mass scale at break neck speed.

Amazing so many people doubted the same human evolution that sustains them every day.

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This is only controversial to consumers of mainstream social and legacy media. Late last year Dr John Campbell shared graphs on YouTube from the CDC ITSELF showing clearly that prior infection and vaccination were just about equal in their ability to prevent serious illness from Covid. That was pretty compelling as far as I was concerned. But lucky for me I don't read Twitter or watch cable news.

What really amazes me about how people allow their opinions to be shaped in 2022 is that they KNOW the information they are seeing on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is being filtered and censored, yet they seem to have no curiosity about what it is they are not allowed to see.

If they looked beyond their favorite social media, they would see humanities graduates at the various platforms suppressing the studies and views of actual scientists and medical professionals.

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Aug 16, 2022Liked by Paul D. Thacker

I never miss reading your substack. It’s a xmas present in my inbox. Btw, the US and Canada still ban unvaxd tourists/visitors from entering the country. I guess their votes dont count.

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I like the phrase "Great Misremembering". It perfectly describes how the CDC (a subsidiary of collective big pharma) pushes provenly erroneous propaganda, aggressively rebukes anyone who says otherwise and then when the issue is no longer relevant, quietly pivots to the stance of the original detractors while pretending they were on the correct side the whole time. This is toddler behavior.

It's so easy to forget that they once said stupid things like:

- Masking will reduce the public spread (many masks are cloth and thus do absolutely nothing)

- Vaccine induced immunity is superior to herd induced

- Lockdowns are the best solution for public health

- Treatment options like Ivermectin don't work (some states allow it now)

- Vaccines don't cause myocarditis in young men or menstrual issues in young women

- There's no way the virus started in a lab. (The US even funded it lmao)

Don't ever forget these lies that they attacked you for not believing. Think about that next time someone calls you a "conspiracy theorist"

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Hi Paul,

I think there is a second aspect to this that no one is talking about.

Why wait till August? They could have also updated their guidelines a couple of months back just to be super safe (wrt to the midterm elections).

1) There were a lot of EUA approvals by the FDA just before end of June. Almost none of them made any sense, especially the speed at which they were pushed through.

2) I think CDC/FDA also wanted to wait long enough for the Future Framework to be approved. It looks like a promise of free money for COVID vaccine manufacturers for the foreseeable future.


Do you think they wanted to push through as many of these EUAs as humanly possible before changing course?

"No aspect of the Great Misremembering would be complete without being careful to forget all the amazing fact checks out there. They function, of course, by carefully choosing the most extreme statement to carefully pick apart, and then implying that anyone even remotely associated with such thinking is a complete nutter."

This is so true. It has now turned into a meme. Check out the "template" at the end of this article :-)


Also, thanks for the tireless reporting

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The twitter nitwits are posing as the “go to” people for medical information. Money hungry opportunists are all over social media. They only know whatever the US CDC shares. It’s why they’ve been wrong so often about everything related to Covid. Including the immunity via vaccines vs immunity via infection. The vaccines weren’t available for the general population until 2021. Testing for Natural immunity for those who had Covid before the vaccines were available werent being offered in many places. A Quest lab was charging $230 for covid serology testing. Thanks for the update!

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To best understand this absurd scenario, just think about how Ford might have used similar sounding propaganda to continue selling the Pinto after it was revealed that the piece of shit was deeply flawed and unsafe. What experts could they round up to plead their case? Or how would tobacco companies continue to sing the praise and health benefits of their proven deadly cancer sticks?

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I’m 56 & remember chicken pox and measles parties, to acquire Natural Immunity.

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Re: Maggie Fox. She and the rest of these hyper-vulnerable apparatchiks should go back to their safe spaces and stay out of the public sphere.

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Maybe I’m misremembering but I recall that on issue after controversial issue earlier CDC and “approved expert” guidance has been wrong. In Europe you were considered vaccinated if you could prove a prior infection. What on earth made them reach this conclusion more than a year prior to the CDC?

It’s upsetting because for a long time now I have had about zero faith left in the CDC and I think they should all be fired. Maybe we can hire foreign epidemiologists instead, not mired in our politics, and offer them green cards and fat paychecks conditioned on actually looking at the science and not getting it wrong all the damn time.

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Great article.

It’s like “experts” and “journalists” don’t understand the internet and it’s ability to remember, well everything!

Natural Immunity is sort of the basis of how we humans survived this long in a world full of virus! No?

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thank you for remembering this difference and for clearly displaying the contradictory reporting over time.

from now on, when I hear the words "new CDC study" I will put on my bullshit detector and resist the indoctrination

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I feel that the direction of this article is off mark. Without diving into the thick soup of true, false, or just inept experimental data, the question of natural versus vax-induced immunity is a legit scientific argument, where each side can bring its evidence (e.g. show me natural immunity for rabies). What's criminal is the utilization of a one-sided argument to justify coercion, hate, isolation, lockdowns...In a word, terror. The authorities can make mistakes, even having the best of intentions. Science-based advice may be wrong, but science-based terror is always wrong and chances are the science is wrong too.

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The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.

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I simply sent this article to my father , a previous WaPo reporter congressional insider woth the. Comment ,” Orwell is now non fiction Dad. “. Sadly my entire family except my husband and kids are injected. And psychotic

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