This article gives new meaning to the term ‘Astroturfing’. Presenting fake scientists to the public to say that the ‘science’ (a.k.a. Fauci) says that a toxic product is actually safe.

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Super job exposing more science-denial for hire. Well done.

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Feb 2, 2022Liked by Paul D. Thacker

Thank you for a well written and researched disclosure. Your informative piece reminds me of Merchants of Doubt. Knowledge is power, thank you again.

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We should get OSHA and EPA on this!

Oh, wait....they're busy jabbing 2 year-olds with toxic gene therapies.

P.S. The government has allowed Big Chemical to dump their waste products on an unsuspecting public in myriad ways instead of paying to dispose of them properly. One example is "fragrances" - of all kinds - in perfumes, household products, and other scented items. Those chemicals are "dumped" into alternate streams of products that expose people to their toxic waste. It's disgusting.

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Feb 3, 2022·edited Feb 3, 2022

And there's always (drum roll) fluoride in our tap water!

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- Don't such studies as the ones by Gradient get peer reviewed and published? If so, and they were not, that would be a decisive rejection. Right now, other than the involvement of these two scientists in what looks like paid research for sure, and a rejection statement, there's not much to counter their claims.

- Are there any studies to explore the potential danger of recycled rubber?

- Playgrounds now use a sort of rubber, textured surface - looks great, feels good to walk on, and is much softer than concrete should a child fall. I'm wondering if this surface is made from recycled rubber; if so, and if Astroturf is really a health hazard for young children, then the proliferation of playgrounds with these surfaces is a potential health disaster.

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