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It looks like a new Woodward/Bernstein is knocking on some very suspicious doors. Very interesting indeed. Oh those idealistic grad students who question all the little secrets and lies deeply embedded in the Big Med/Big Pharm/Elite academic complex! Why don’t they just leave everybody alone? Close to 50 years after Watergate, the journalists we’d want to investigate all of this foul play are nowhere to be found. So when a young lion like Alex Rich steps out into the open and reminds all these high priced crooks about the court of public awareness, they can run but they cannot hide.

Would be wonderful to see more courageous dirt diggers come out of the woodwork. When they can’t be bought or silenced, they can do a lot of damage to the elite empire.

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Pharma riddled with ilegality and self serving influence for profit and control. Solution; LIABILITY for all medicine makers instead of unreasonable immunity from prosecution by denying any responsibility! Mick from Hooe (UK)

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Duke University admission flyer: Other than the architecture, nothing here is set in stone.

Guess that includes integrity.

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Wow, great post! The complete, utter and total corruption of our medical system is rather breathtaking!

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Name Correction: Massachusetts Attorney General is "Maura Healey" not "Maureen". Maura is not short for Maureen.

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Gutsy move by a grad student. Keep em coming!

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Everything I've ever read and studied indicates

Early trx was abandoned discarded and criminalized

We all heard about horse paste and Neil young upset with Malone, that fake ass folk virugandist Neil young is the shame of the '60$ generation

We all heard from half the doctors in substacks how they were prevented from giving early trx

Obviously the EUA meant there can be no early trx

It was a scientific formula

EUA means ( must not equal) any early trx and further the hacksxxxine fake vaxz became thought of as trx

The W E F fascist agenda meant there can NOT be any early trx whether it was ivermectin or hxq or even melatonin that also helps....

The needlerape required no early trx

That is why it was murder by numbers like sting said

1, 2, 3


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Great piece! It takes so much work to unravel webs of lies, but the basic addictive property of opioids has been long known. Billionaire criminals dodging prison as my foolish carpenter spent three years in jail for his various marijuana problems.

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'LIABILITY' will destroy the Pharmceutical industry and hopefully create a new, fair, safe, considerate, caring industry instead of a greedy mercenary murderous one! Mick from Hooe (UK).

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It's not just the medical corporations that are never held accountable. The banks and Wall Street did a heck of a job screwing the little people back in '08. Not one bank executive went to jail. Disgusting. We need more Alex Rich's poking the bear.

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Fabulous piece

Will you please write about Hunter BidenHo and why Joey needs to resign now

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