Story has been updated with a further reponse from the inspector General spokesperson.

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Most IGs are light weights and they are not there to make waves by causing problems for the heavy hitters. They usually go after lower ranking employees and it is almost never for systemic corruption problems. Occasionally they are permitted to go after higher ranking employees, but they are never going to take on the massive fraud, corruption and abuse of power in the medical industry and the government health agencies. Even the FBI will not do that. Doing that could upend the money train and no one in DC wants that because they all profit from it directly or indirectly. So, expecting Grimm to do something about major corruption involving Fauci is like waiting for the second coming and it may not happen in our lifetimes. Now, Biden may decide at some point that Fauci is a liability and needs to go. In this case you might see the IG start investigating him for something like not paying taxes on maid service or using an illegal immigrant nanny, leaving something off his financial disclosure form, pencil fraud, etc. However, it will not be something major that will upset Pfizer. Just enough to get rid of him and make him resign, but nothing to upset the corrupt system. Those are the rules of the game and Grimm knows it.

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Thank you for exposing the failure of those with the duty to follow up on these referrals and for being a citizen investigator.

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Thank you for your persistence with this!

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These are crimes against the American people and the U.S. Constitution and everyone involved is a treasonous traitor of the country. And since they have involved the whole world in their skeezy scheme they are guilty of crimes against humanity & must be brought to justice on the world stage. What a cluster**k!

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You don’t have to scratch very deeply to find out the NIH is a Nazi organization posing as a supporter of science. Fauci needs to be put under deposition and interviewed about the Wuhan funding and relationship with Gates, Zuckerberg. His wife oversees barbaric depraved human experimentation for Darpa #braini and other DOD chemical, weapons and psyops, nonconsensually on targeted individuals. These are crimes against humanity. Your old boss has been told but apparently doesn’t care. All of Congress knows. SCOTUS knows. There is bad stuff occurring throughout govt. I have nonconsensual chips and have had my brain bashed with dews/nano/gasses for years. The US has a holocaust occurring. When will someone care?

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Super interesting and important. Great coverage. Thanks.

But now I must vent.

This is an avenue that is supposed to lead to some kind of oversight, but it is failing -- failing as much as FAUCI & Profiteers failed to prevent the USA from having the highest covid death rate in the world. (If the IG is not the right channel to use to seek information and clarity, then what is the right channel? And why don't legislators use it?)

Maybe seeking all these details is too much trouble. Let's just say we know FAUCI and Friends by their fruits and THEY FAILED and therefore should lose their cushy positions of power. Everything they told us and mandated us to do was wrong, even stupid (or diabolically eugenicist), including granting warp speed emergency use process to Pharma, resulting in a disgusting overpayment for ineffective, dangerous non-vaccines that resulted in a monumental wealth transfer scam and now a burden on the healthcare system from "vaccine" related injuries.

When Pfizer and Pfauci decided not to disclose trial data, that was the first proof of their Pfraud. How much longer do we have to sit through this Kabuki? Throw the bums out of government positions and get them in a court process; get the details through the discovery process. They created the weaponized virus chimera -- the patents they're getting rich from totally prove that. What am I getting wrong here? Am I missing something?

Bureaucratic stonewalling should be punishable.

How about using the affidavit and demand notification route with the IG. "We the citizens for these reasons provided by our constitution notify you that you must serve our needs for attaining information regarding...."

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All together -- it looks nearly hopeless.

DNC and Biden cabal claims that a biggest domestic threat are “white supremacists” – while financing and arming Ukro-Nazis !! What a FRAUD…

Your taxpaying money is paying for salaries of card carrying Ukraine Nazis – THINK about that !!

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Thank you for all your efforts -- US is a failed state.

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Thanks for shedding some light on the conflict of interest of the NIH Inspector General at the NIH.

I am wondering about this $15 million grant to EcoHealth from the NIH. Which grant are we taking about? When was this grant awarded? I would like to actually read the proposal for this grant. Is this available?

I am also wondering about other grants to EcoHealth/One Health Alliance/WIV/Baric Lab.

Many of the details about the NIAID grants have been made known. Reporting at the Intercept has done a good job digging into those grants. One thing we know about that grant is that reports in later phases of the grant process were not submitted. The program manager Erik Stemmy doesn't seem to have been on top of this. There is also the weird OK of gain of function research at the behest of Peter Dazcak.





Then there is this faked up annual report:


I would like to know all sources of funding to EcoHealth/One Health Alliance/WIV/Baric Lab in 2017, 2018 and 2019 directed toward gain of function research on coronaviruses.

I know there was the unawarded EcoHealth proposal to DARPA's PREEMPT program. But their frequent collaborator and close associate One Health Alliance at UC Davis was awarded under the PREEMPT Program.


The One Health PREEMPT aware was not for studying coronavirus. But did any of the One Health Alliance award under the PREEMPT program end up funding gain of function coronavirus research? Who is the program manager for the One Health Alliance PREEMPT Program? Has anyone gained access to their emails through a FOIA request?

Another source of funding for EcoHealth was through DTRA. It would be good to know more about awards through DTRA to EcoHealth.

Finally, one thing I would mention is that export control and reporting requirements for universities are generally not as rigorous as for awards to non-universities. Someone should have a look at direct awards to universities as contract primes where sub-contractors are international labs handling deadly viruses.


Sad to see that there is so little oversight at NIH/NIAID.

However, even where the NIH/NIAID, DARPA and DTRA are following the rules, given the way export control currently works for universities, I suspect that when universities work with international labs handling deadly viruses, legally speaking, it lies in a grey area.

The program managers and SETAs at NIH/NIAID, DARPA and DTRA are not up to handling a problem of this magnitude. They are often overtasked with creating, tracking and managing multiple programs. Much of the work is handled by contractors who come and go. Contractors are disposable and can easily be walked out the door if they do not fall in line with what agency directors want. This transformation from a permanent workforce of federal employees to a contractor workforce happened starting in the 1990s.

This problem is bigger than Erik Stemmy at the NIH/NIAID. It is bigger than Fauci. It is bigger than the Inspector Generals at various federal agencies.

Both parties, Democrat and Republican, need to own this. It's a result of changes in the last twenty years of export control policies, and the decision to "cost cut" the federal workforce by turning them into mostly contractors. It is a result of cost cutting by loosening export control policies so that the US could take advantage of a lower cost globalized workforce. I put "cost cut" in quotes because federal contractors are paid quite a lot compared to federal workers, even if they are more disposable.

And yes, universities are stupid for thinking that on good faith, uninspected biolabs in other countries would just maintain standards and safety and automatically share the results of their research.

My two cents worth.

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Thanks for what you do. Please keep up the pressure.

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This should be handled by NIHs Chief Ethics Officer! !

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On a minor point, the E&C letter was over a year after Ernst's, not a month later.

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NIH officials receiving royalties include:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), whose 2021 taxpayer-funded salary was $456,028. He received 23 royalty payments.

Dr. Francis Collins, the agency's head from 2009 to 2021, whose 2021 taxpayer-funded salary was $203,500. He received 14 royalty payments.

Dr. H. Clifford Lane, Fauci's deputy at the NIAID, whose 2021 taxpayer-funded salary was $325,287. He received eight payments.


Why is this even legal?

Are there other agencies where directors and deputy directors are receiving royalties from the entities on which they are responsible for awarding contracts?

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No doubt she is controlled by the pharma giants - such a surprise! lol

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