Behind the black veil of today’s scientific integrity, much fuckery abounds. May your bright beams of sunshine banish those pulling the levers.

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Thank you Mr Thacker for revealing this information. It is appreciated. Perhaps your experience with a “broken” agreement will be a sign of caution for those considering similar arrangements currently.

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Excellent piece as usual. The full circle back to your encounters with Collins in 2010 was a great plot twist at the end. Incredible.

To your question "Will the Biden Admin investigate"

Can stop you right there.

We know the answer.


I'm not sure either party is too interested outside of Rand Paul and a few other "conspiracy theorists".

Hope I am wrong.

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This is just weasel Fauci starting to control the narrative to cover his ass about his direct involvement with gain of function @ the Wuhan Lab and all the people who helped him along the way. Every time i hear his name i want to scream!

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“A recent batch of internal NIH emails suggests they did by providing “advice and leadership” on a widely cited paper that did not acknowledge their involvement...”

I’ve read papers with researchers or experts cited as co-authors who’ve done less work on the paper than this.

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