Everywhere a puzzling and completely irrational DNC/media/security state propaganda.

BUT -- there is a VERY rational reason for that.

We are dealing with BIG Lie(s)

ANY, even rudimentary, discussion would unravel the lie(s) -- total censorship and prompt defamations are the ONLY choice for the immensely corrupt Deep State cabal.

PS: A sad thing is that GOP lunatics are equally repulsive and dangerous -- happily grunting together while feeding at same donor troughs.

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Thank you all is known about the modern original sin. A question is - what should/can we do about it...

Oliver Stone Full Interview -- Dec. 2, 2021 Breaking Points (Krystal and Saagar)


Oliver Stone: We're Living in a Censored State – Dec 2, 2021 – Useful Idiots (Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper)


"Russiagate: An obituary." -- And now to the damage done.


It is not better but also - it is not worse --- we do live in CONTINUUM.

FBI and Edgar Hoover’s crimes and surveillance === CIA-FBI and St. Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Hayden === SAME despicable dangerous bastards.

The Murderous History and Deceitful Function of the CIA


Remember unspeakable horrors in Indonesia started shortly after CIA's JFK assassination.

Unlike Vietnam -- in Indonesia the US victory was total - "The Jakarta Method" -- the population is terrorized to this day...

And Obama’s mother, as a honey pot to Suharto’s colonel, was a part of this horror…

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