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Harvard’s Defense of Claudine Gay’s Plagiarism Exposes Campus Double Standard—Professors Hold Students to Higher Ethics Rules

Science Writers Hide as New Documents Expose Virologists Dissembling About Dangerous Virus Research in Wuhan—Once Again!

Leading Bioterror Official Says A Science "Cabal" Is Misdirecting America About A Wuhan Lab Accident: "It's like denial and deception."

Biden’s Ex-Pandemic Advisor Called A Wuhan Lab Accident Plausible, But Can Writers Still Say It's “Conspiracy Theory”?

With a “Go Fuck Yourself” Musk Finally Gave a Middle Finger to Democratic Party Censors

Congress Must Hold the CDC Accountable for Cozy Ties to Pharma

Transparency and Financial Conflicts of Interest in Science and Medicine

Science Denial and Disinformation Work

The Wuhan Cover-Up: Scientists Lied as People Died

Americans Are Fools for Pharma

The Future of Alternative Media Is … Unknown, But Critical

Who Ghostwrites Reports for the Center for Countering Digital Hate?

Corporate Liberals Weaponize Claims of Hate to Censor the Left and Conservatives

TWITTER FILES: Yoel Roth’s private emails explain why free speech advocates target academics—they’re the censorship clergy

Wall Street Journal Exposes Exxon Mobil’s “People Of Good Intent.”

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Speaks Out Against Stanford University Bullying And Interference With Inconvenient COVID Research

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Reveals Stanford University's Attempts To Derail COVID Studies

Zeynep Tufekci’s Unseemly Collusion With Cochrane Officials to Attack Scientists Is Falling Apart

Cochrane: World’s Preeminent Medical Information Resource Goes Into Tailspin

Pharma’s PR Firm Will See You Now

It’s Official: The Press is Totally in the Tank for the Biopharmaceutical Industry

U.S. Virologists Collaborate with Chinese Research Group Identified as National Security Risk

Scientists Call for Nature Medicine to Retract Paper Denying Wuhan Lab Accident

Twitter Files: Who Are the People Claiming RFK Jr. is “Disinformation”?

It’s The Cover Up, Stupid: Emails Impeach Kristian Andersen’s Congressional Testimony on the Pandemic’s Origin

We must reform the law to force corporate documents into the public

COVID Patient Zero Will Never Be Known

TWITTER FILES: Brown University's Claire Wardle Aids Censorship

The Atlantic Exposes CNN Ban On Reporting Possible Wuhan Lab Accident, Because "Racism"

NIH Scientist Testifies Government Ignored Importance of Natural Immunity—Let Us Now Commence, Once Again, the Great Misremembering

Biden White House and Big Disinformation Have Policies to Ban “True Content” on COVID Vaccines

TWITTER FILES: Twitter Provided Privileged Access to Banning Queen, Taylor Lorenz

TWITTER FILES: Internal Company Emails Expose Why Privileged Reporters Likely Hate Elon Musk and Twitter 2.0

Congress Corrects the Record on CDC Director Walensky’s False Claim about Masks

US intelligence agencies have not ruled out a lab manipulated virus

TWITTER FILES: WHO Censored Itself on Vaccines to Help Twitter Censor Tucker Carlson

TWITTER FILES: Twitter loves Dr Fauci and Big Pharma "marketing strategy"

Cochrane Shoots Back at Media Influencer Zeynep Tufekci’s Claims of a “Correction”

The New York Times Confronts Anthony Fauci with Anthony Fauci

Do Politicians Ignore NIH Ties with Wuhan Lab to Protect Biodefense "Contract Racket"?

Unmasking the New York Times’ Zeynep Tufekci

How Congress Can Investigate the Pandemic Origins Cover-up

Pandemic Reporting Failed to Seek Facts While Favoring Biopharma Public Relations

BOOK EXCERPT: "Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons"

Long Before Suspicions Arose About A Lab Leak, Government Scientists Were Fiddling With Bugs to Make Them More Deadly

COVID Made McDonald’s a Public Health Savior

Researchers Find No Evidence (Again!) Of Mask Effectiveness, Yet Self-Styled Experts Continue Promotion

Secretive British Intelligence Units Censor Government Critics By Labeling Them "Misinformation"

Latest Online Trolling Tactic: Claiming Public Images Are Copyright Protected

NEW EMAILS: Biden White House Behind Facebook Censorship of The BMJ’s Pfizer Investigation

Science Writers Cry Pious Tears of Protest that Petrochemical Industry Rag Will Become Petrochemical Industry Rag

How Will Pharma Allies Discredit Former Head of Australia Medical Association After She Testified On COVID-19 Vaccine Harms and Physician Censorship?

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