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Fact Check True! Yes, Fauci Funded Research in Wuhan and Lied to Congress

The Wuhan Road Show: Forming a Band, Virologists Toured Washington’s Backstreets

Will the Biden Administration Investigate Evidence of Ghostwriting Involving Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci?

Punching Down: How the "anti-disinformation" movement worked with Big Tech to protect Big Pharma

PR Firm Repping Vaccine Manufacturers Now Promotes Doctors Group Denouncing Alleged COVID Vaccine Disinformation

We All Know Disinformation When We See Someone (Anyone But Ourselves!) Spreading It

The Pandemic Erased Boundaries Between Government and Corporate Interests. So Who Can the Public Believe?

BBC Should Step Aside and Allow the Biopharmaceutical Industry to Do its Own Public Relations

Weber Shandwick Embedded at CDC While Helping Royal Caribbean With a Public Relations Plan Like No Other

We’ve Unlocked the Article, “Weber Shandwick Provides PR for Moderna and Pfizer, While Staffing the CDC’s Vaccine Office”

Weber Shandwick Provides PR for Moderna and Pfizer, While Staffing the CDC’s Vaccine Office

The Brunswick Group: Another PR Firm Spinning Fossil Fuel Messaging Emerges From the Shadows

Seeking Transparency and Reform in Medicine & Science

Funding Documents Expose Virologist Danielle Anderson, Once Feted as a "Conspiracy Buster"

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield On Inside Battles With Anthony Fauci, And Why Classified Information Will Point to a Lab Accident in Wuhan

We Are Going Paid

The Journal Vaccine Publishes Study Finding Serious Side Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines, Despite Three Dodgy Fact Checks and Facebook Censoring

Silence From Science Community as NIH Cancels Grant to Wuhan Institute of Virology

Preprint Pandemic Pandemonium

CDC Now Says COVID-19 Prior Infection Same as Vaccination, Let Us Now Commence the Great Misremembering

Peter Hotez Sees Aggression Everywhere But In The Mirror

National Institutes of Health Is Again Hiding Records About the Pandemic’s Origin

NIH Tries Sealing Name of Chinese Researcher Attached to Discredited Pandemic Origin Study

Facebook’s “Fact-Check” Website Called LeadStories Punches Itself in the Face, Again—Twice!

Vaccines Are Magic

Lies, Damned Lies, and Fact Checks

Can New Software Spotlight Hidden Money Companies Pay to Doctors?

DARPA Less Than Candid About Funding for EcoHealth Alliance, According to Emails

BBC Disinformation Reporters Flub Disinformation Journalism, Create Confusion, Concern and a Touch of Comedy

“A Toxic Milieu Dominated by Opportunists, Dilettantes, Racist/Misogynist Assholes, and Trolls”

The Answer to Physician Misinformation is NOT More Physician Oversight

The President of Facebook’s Science Feedback Is Hiding in Paris, Terrified of Appearing in Court

While Her Own Agents Protect Anthony Fauci, Inspector General Grimm Appears Frightened of Investigating the National Institutes of Health

Buzzfeed Takes a Stab at Journalism, Exposes Science Writer Activism

Monsanto’s Ghostwriting to Influence Science and Media

Wokes Gone Wild: Association of Health Care Journalists Ignore CDC, Go All in on Masks

House Investigators Point to Purdue Pharma Influence With Trump FDA Commissioner

OpenMind Magazine, You Suck

The Many Fictions of Nature Magazine’s Amy Maxmen

When a UNC Grad Student Confronted Dr. Ralph Snyderman for Aiding the Sacklers’ Opioid Scheme, the Duke University Professor Threatened Legal Action

Federal Funds Set Up the Global Virome Project, But New Email Implies China Might Be its Champion

Virome Violation: In Pursuing Science, Did Researchers Abuse Federal Law?

Pfizer’s Press Release Pandemic Policy

Biden’s America the Beautiful: From Synthetic Turf to New Wilderness

Media Will Not Call Big Tech Censorship “Censorship” Partly Because They Support Fake Fact Checks

China’s Bat Lady Puts West on Alert: She’s Tired of Questions About Her Secret Military Research

Matt Taibbi’s TK News Joins the List of Media Outlets Alarmed at Facebook Censorship

Scientists-For-Hire Synthesize Artificial Research to Protect Astroturf

Scientists Doing Dangerous Virus Research Cry Victim To Avoid Public Accountability

Experts Blast David Robert Grimes for His Failure to Understand Science and Love of Self-Citation

Why Do People Not “Trust the Science”? Because Like All People, Scientists Are Not Always Trustworthy

Get the Hell out of Her Way, Lindsay Beyerstein Is Having Another Pandemic Opinion